What makes CreteClean Plus the better choice?

Comparison: CreteClean Plus vs. Water, Neutral Cleaner

At first thought, dirt is just dirt. And dirt on a floor is just dirty. But on a concrete floor, it is so much more than that. Dirt is one of the main contributing factors to a dull concrete floor. The soil and grit tracked in from the outside act as an abrasive medium, similar to that of 200-grit sandpaper, which scratches and effectively deteriorates the attractive sheen on your concrete floor.

 Ashford Formula Application Process

Test Parameters

One continuous piece of polished concrete (which received little to no traffic and received periodic cleaning) divided into three zones. Cleaned using a brand new auto scrubber. Each zone cleaned twice with the proper amount of drying time in between. After each cleaning, the auto scrubber waste water was collected and bottled. The auto scrubber tank, pads, filter, etc. were thoroughly cleaned each time before switching to the next cleaning agent.

Test Results

 Ashford Formula Application Process

Notice the significant amount of dirt collected when cleaned with CreteClean Plus – especially on the second cleaning after water and a neutral cleaner had already been used. In Zone 3, CreteClean Plus picked up almost all of the dirt and soil on the first cleaning, leaving barely any dirt and soil to be cleaned up on the second cleaning. CreteClean Plus when used along with Retroplate & Ashford Formula creates the perfect cure, hardener, dustproofing agent & sealer that makes your concrete long lasting and easier to maintain.


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