Ashford Formula Application Process

Why Creteclean plus?

Cretecelan Plus is the market leader in concrete cleaning and maintenance. Created by the makers of Retroplate & Ashford Formula- cure, hardener, dustproofing agent & sealer, Creteclean Plus is recognised as the right concrete cleaner to clean, maintain and improve the sheen in concrete floors and surfaces.

Creteclean offers two essential products under their umbrella- The CreateClean Plus with Scar Guard and the CreteClean Plus Single Dose.

 Ashford Formula Application Process

The CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard is designed specifically to clean and maintain concrete floors. Unlike other cleaners, it improves concrete sheen, picks up dirt and fine grit completely, and will not etch or dull your concrete.

 Ashford Formula Application Process

The CreteClean Plus Single Dose features the impeccable cleaning abilities of CreteClean Plus and is conveniently packaged in “single dose” sizes, perfect for auto scrubbers and mop and bucket cleaning.
Choosing CreteClean Plus is simple due to its superior features and advantages.
These include: 1. It can be used on Concrete & Hard Surface Floors
Uniquely formulated to clean and condition densified and densified-polished concrete, as well as all hard surface floors (other than natural wood).
2. Maintains Concrete Sheen, Prevents Dulling
Regular and frequent use of CreteClean Plus ensures a concrete surface free from dirt and contaminants.

3. “Lift & Hold” Technology

 Ashford Formula Application Process
Proprietary polar micelle technology pulls contaminants out and up from concrete and holds it in suspension, providing maximum cleaning efficiency.
4. pH Similar to Cured Concrete
A safe concrete cleaner is not neutral (7), but rather similar to the pH of cured/aged concrete (9-10). An overly acidic or basic cleaner can etch concrete.

5. Decrease Visibility of Minor Scratches, Blemishes The unique additive “Scar Guard” can, over time, help to minimize the appearance and visibility of minor scratches and blemishes.

6. NSF Certified, Food Safe
CreteClean Plus is NSF certified and approved for use in institutional, industrial and food handling establishments. CreteClean Plus is a must for all concrete cleaning and maintenance purposes and with years of proven results it is a must use product for all concrete surfaces.


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