About Us

Festival Plaza Mall Car-Park, Dubai

Why West Asia Network DMCC ?

Based in Dubai, West Asia Network DMCC serves as a trader and distributor of worlds best construction products. We are the exclusive distributor of concrete densification and polishing materials of Curecrete Inc. - the Ashford Formula and the Retroplate Concrete Polishing System.

Middle East provides myriad opportunities for innovative and ground breaking constructions, but a lack of direct access to the very best building materials. As West Asia Network DMCC, we aim to bridge this gap.

Mission & Vision

Ashford formula dubai

West Asia Network Dmcc exists to bring the most sought after products from European and U.S markets to Middle East, thereby providing splendid world-class solutions. It is the exclusive distributor of Curecrete Inc., in Middle East.
As an organisation, we believe in delivering the very best- be it in terms of quality products, technical support, or customer service. The practices put in place are top notch ensuring honesty and integrity. Moreover, our round the clock assistance ensures that we leave no stone unturned , when it comes to client satisfaction.

Ashford formula dubai

West Asia Network DMCC, aims to make available the global innovations in the construction space to our customers in the Middle East ensuring savings in time and cost.

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