Case Studies - Ashford Formula

Automotive | Costa Rica

Aditec Químicos e Instalaciones S.A, located in Costa Rica, has been servicing the construction industry since 1983. The company imports state-of-the-art products for enhancing the performance of concrete floors. Curecrete Distribution, Inc. has supplied products to Aditec for more than fifteen years, amongst which the Ashford Formula is still one of its stars and always an absolute success.

The most prestigious construction companies and industrial plants have used the Ashford Formula to reinforce, protect, and preserve the concrete slabs in their projects, facilities and parking lots with superb results. The Ashford Formula was applied to 58,350 square feet (5,421 square meters) at a car dealership in La Uruca, San Jose, Costa Rica. Applying the Ashford Formula is especially beneficial in car dealerships, were oil and other harsh chemical spills are routine. The Ashford Formula prevents such materials from seeping down into the concrete, having closed the pores from within.