Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi

Want to have a durable and robust performance from your concrete surface?
What could be better than something that strengthens, protects and at the same time maintains your concrete floor for a lifetime?

West Asia Network DMCC brings to you the perfect solution to densify your concrete floors. Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi is a chemically reactive, water based, sealer that densifies and hardens all kinds of concrete surfaces. It cures, seals, hardens & densifies the concrete surface.

Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi is a single application concrete densifier that lasts for a lifetime. It penetrates the concrete surface and densifies, dustproofs, hardens and seals the concrete surface permanently. Ashford Formula treated concrete will be abrasion resistant, dust-free, water-repellent and resistant to oil and easy to clean & maintain. On smooth power trowelled concrete surface a natural marble-like sheen will appear between 6–12 months after treatment with Ashford Formula.

Why Choose Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi to harden and densify every concrete floor!

Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi makes use of a proprietary densification technology which makes it the most widely used liquid concrete densifier, sealer and hardener globally. It is a colourless, transparent liquid that penetrates concrete surfaces and protects, preserves and strengthens the floor. Use of Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi makes the concrete floor easy to clean, free of dust, resistant to abrasion, seals the surface, reduces tire marks, produces a permanent sheen and protects the floor from oil or grease stains. Ashford Formula does not form a topical coating that will scratch, peel or away with time but as it becomes a part of the concrete surface it is a permanent single application.
So, if you are looking for a concrete densifier that has a proven track record of more than 70 years, and comes with a 20 year warranty, then Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi is all that you need!

What Makes Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi a world leader for concrete densification?

The manufacturer of Ashford Formula, Curecrete Inc, offers a 20-year warranty for Ashford Formula Abu Dubai. It is the longest warranty in the industry. We have a spectacular record of making concrete floors into sealed, densified and abrasion-resistant, durable floors.
The Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi earned a reputation around the world for giving the best promised results. So, transform your concrete floor today using Ashford Formula Abu Dhabi. Contact the exclusive distributor of Ashford Formula in the middle east region – West Asia Network DMCC

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