Ashford Formula Application

Ashford Formula is a global leader in concrete densification designed to strengthen, densify and harden your concrete floor and at the same time making it more durable. Ashford Formula Application on freshly finished concrete floors acts as a curing agent after the finishing operation. With more than 60 years of proven results and unmatched performance, Ashford Formula is trusted by engineers and architects across the world. To ensure that you get the best results of the exclusive concrete densifier on your concrete floor, it is highly significant to pay substantial attention to Ashford Formula application. Correct application of concrete floors is a requisite to get the best results.

Application of Ashford Formula on freshly finished concrete surfaces is generally done by professionals and skilled individuals who are well trained to ensure a hassle application of the concrete floor densifier. Assuring unmatched customer support and on site support for all our projects, Ashford Formula Application is done under expert guidance by Ashford Formula distributors across the world. However, by exercising care and caution and following the instructions on Ashford Formula Application, one can also apply Ashford Formula on their own selves using the required appropriate tools. Concrete surfaces treated with Ashford Formula become temporarily slippery during its application and for some time after it has been applied. Application of the exclusive concrete densifier involves four simple steps i.e., application, misting, cleaning and drying. For application, a wet coat or flood coat is required to make the surface abrasion proof. Once flood coating is accomplished, it is required to be worked upon using a soft broom to ensure deeper penetration of the chemical. Always ensure that the chemical is evenly spread throughout the area, including the sides and there is no area left out to dry. For misting, one can use a power sprayer to spray water in order to solubilize the solution until it turns slippery. As soon as the floor becomes slippery, it is time to whisk the solution and clean the floor. It can be simply done by flushing the area with water and removing the excess. It is then followed by a very significant step that includes drying and squeegeeing the concrete floor thoroughly and ensuring that there are no patches or gel like substances left on the surface. If you see any patches after the floor gets dry, it is a sign that there are remnants of the chemicals left on the floor and it requires to be cleaned again.

The entire process of Ashford Formula application takes just a few hours without disrupting your activities on the floor for any longer. After application, once it is flushed away with water, the finished floor is then ready to use. So, if you are looking for the best concrete densifier for your concrete floors, get in touch with us today.

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