Ashford Formula Coating

Are you tired of investing heavy amounts in cleaning, routine maintenance and renovation of your concrete floors? Still not getting desired results?

With time and usage, your concrete floors become dull and lose their shine. It becomes vulnerable to cracks, abrasion, stains, and other wear and tears which contribute to degrading the concrete floor. Loads of money go into creating, maintaining, renovating, and replacing concrete floors. Not only is it an expensive deal but also it requires hours of manpower and at the same time causing disruption in its usage.

Ever wondered if something could actually strengthen, densify, repair, cleanse and give a completely new look to your concrete floor without entirely replacing it? Yes, we have made all this possible. Like every other thing that we use, it is indeed true that even in the case of concrete floors, ‘the better we care, the longer it will last.’ Application of the Ashford Formula Coating on concrete floors provides the care to your concrete floors that it deserves. It acts as a cure for fresh concrete floors saving your time and minimizing the cost of maintaining concrete floors. Ashford Formula Coating keeps the concrete floors resistant to tire marks and stains. It is designed to harden, densify and strengthen the concrete floors.

With over 70 years of experience and unmatched results, Ashford Formula is a global leader in concrete densification. One Ashford Formula Coating lasts for a lifetime of the concrete floor and has set a benchmark in becoming the best in the market in the business of concrete densification. We take pride in the praiseworthy results shown by simply one Ashford Formula Coating and constantly strive to make our customers more than satisfied with our product.

Ashford Formula has not only set the benchmark but is also the originator of the proprietary densification technology in the market. It has become a global champion in this business with years of experience and expertise. It is also the most widely used concrete floor densifier.

With a commendable record, Ashford Formula has earned a reputation as a world leader for concrete densification. Also, we offer the longest time warranty on Ashford Formula Coating in the industry market of concrete densifiers with the most promising results.

It is the most cost-effective and straightforward way to densify and strengthen your concrete floors. Also, what makes Ashford Formula Coating the best in the market is that not only it shows promising results but it is also light on your pocket. The product is designed to save both manpower and money that goes into creating, renovating and recreating your concrete floors. Application of Ashford Formula Coating saves your time and saves you from the hefty task of getting the entire concrete floor replaced or getting it renovated.

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