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Why Would You Need Ashford Formula in Egypt?

Ashford Formula in Egypt will allow you to incorporate some of the top-notch technology and developed concrete densifiers in your construction process. You are missing out on some of the best construction formulas being used around the world. One of the biggest perks of this formula is that it is so easy to use and quick to dry. This is the primary reason for its popularity all around the world. It is a colourless and odourless formula that allows it to gel well with the concrete flooring you put it on. Since it will drastically decrease the time, it would take to set and prime the floor sealant, it has allowed many companies to reduce their construction time and costs. It incorporates with the cement fairly easily and quickly. Other than making the cement more resilient, it also makes it more durable and adds many more qualities to the cement mix. Due to its odourless and fume free application, people find it easy to work with it without compromising their safety and comfort. You would also be adhering to your decided upon deadlines, which are imperative for construction projects. It hardly takes about three to four hours to completely set either as a floor sealant or concrete densifier. There are many other formulas for you to choose from depending on your needs. This is why your construction projects are incomplete without Ashford Formula concrete densifiers, floor sealants and much more.

How to Use Ashford Formula?

It depends on which Ashford Formula product you are using in Egypt. For example, for the floor sealant, you will have to put prep the area where you are supposed to add the sealant. This essentially means that the concrete needs to be clean of any dirt, grime or oils. This is important because this formula will act as a permanent coating on the floor. Any contaminants will definitely affect the composition and functioning of the formula. You will have to ‘flood’ the floor. This means that you need to pour enough floor sealant that if someone were to step in and out of it, the footprint would disappear in under five seconds. You definitely need a thick layering of the sealant to ensure that it is truly bonding with the floor. The formula then needs to be left completely undisturbed till it has completely dried. The floor sealant that you are applying is a permanent layer getting bonded with the floor. This is why you have to take care of all these precautions. Another important aspect that you need to take care of is the fact that the floor sealant needs to be in liquid form for at least half an hour after it has been poured. This will prevent any fogging to take place in the formula. You will have to take care of the temperatures, etc. in the first half an hour. This is when the formula is truly bonding with the cement, then it is just setting in.

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