Ashford Formula Floor Sealer

The Ashford formula Floor Sealer is designed to harden, densify and seal the concrete floor. It makes the surface dustproof and more durable for the life of the concrete floor.

It is a 70 year old transparent, chemically reactive, transparent, colorless, transparent liquid that penetrates the concrete floor and solidifies the surface components in a solid mass. It concomitantly protects, preserves, and strengthens your concrete floor.

Developed in 1949, the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer makes the concrete floor easy to clean, free of dust, resistant to abrasion, seals the surface, reduces tire marks, produces a permanent sheen and protects the floor from oil or grease stains. It is the first product of its kind designed to make the concrete floor abrasion resistant, dustproof and easy to maintain.

Ashford Formula Floor Sealer cures and densifies your concrete floor, making it abrasion resistant and dustproof. It makes the concrete floor easy to maintain and develops a permanent sheen with time. Unlike other floor sealers, Ashford Formula Floor Sealer does not take a lot of time for its application. It does not obstruct your activities on your concrete floor, causing any loss but the entire process of application merely takes 2-3 hours. Soon after, normal activities can be undertaken on the concrete floor. The chemical densification process of the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer approximately takes three months, and then you will be able to witness remarkable results. The results shown by Ashford Formula Floor Sealer lasts for a lifetime of the concrete floors. That is why we also offer the most extended time warranty in the industry.

On application of the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer, it does not form firms, membranes, or a top coating on the floor but rather penetrates inside the surface to chemically react with it giving the desired results. The exclusive Ashford Formula Floor Sealer is known to be the best concrete densifier. It is specially designed to densify and strengthen newly made concrete floors and transform your old and broken concrete floors. It produces a permanently denser, harder, abrasion resistant and dustproof concrete surface by penetrating into the concrete floor and chemically reacting with it. It can be applied both to newly made floors as well as old and used floors. It is worth taking pride in the results shown by the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer for more than 70 years. Also, it holds a commendable record of reviews and ratings from customers who have not only been satisfied with the results shown by the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer but also, admitted that it exceeded their expectations from a concrete densifier and the floor sealer. So, if you are tired of spending hefty amounts on maintaining, cleaning, repairing, and replacing of your old concrete floors, then the global champion in concrete densification, the Ashford Formula Floor Sealer is the perfect one-time solution for you. It saves your time and minimises your expenses of replacing, renovating, creating and maintaining concrete floors.

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