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Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia

Are you still using an epoxy or PU coating for your concrete floors? What if we told you we have a far superior product which will be priced less than the epoxy/PU coat

Ashford Formula is a revolutionary product that strengthens, hardens and seals your concrete floor making it easy to clean, free of dust and resistant abrasive. Its an enhanced alternative to floor treatment which lay down a film/ membrane or coating on the surface of the concrete.

Ashford Formula in Saudi Arabia is a 70-year-old proprietary formula made to densify, lock and protect concrete floors against oil, grease and other stains. Developed in 1949 as the first product of its kind, specially designed to harden and densify all your concrete floors. It has been recognised as the best concrete floor densifier with proven and enduring results. Even today, no other concrete floor densifier available in the market could match or even get close to the results shown by Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia.

Know how Ashford Formula in Saudi Arabia Can Truly Transform Your Old Concrete Floors

Ashford Formula works on the chemical process known as Concrete Densification. It is a procedure in which a penetrating hardener is used to grind and polish the surface of concrete to produce a surface with greater reflectivity and abrasion resistance. It gives the surface a dazzling sheen that is both long-lasting and permanent. To keep it clean, all you have to do is give it a wash with water.

Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia adds a new, attractive and advanced look to your concrete floors. It densifies, protects, strengthens and gives the concrete floor a complete finished look. It makes your concrete floor abrasion resistant, dust proof, and easy to maintain.

Use of Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia makes the concrete floor easy to clean, free of dust, resistant to abrasion, seals the surface, reduces tire marks, produces a permanent sheen, and protects the floor from oil or grease stains. It is a completely non slippery liquid that does not form a top-surface coating that will peel away with time but is permanent. Also, with time and traffic, Ashford Formula floors develop a beautiful, marble-like sheen look.

Additionally, application of Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia is just required on a single use. The process has a low life cycle cost and is permanent in nature. Yes, you read it right. Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia’s application on concrete floors lasts for a lifetime. So, end your search for with Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia, contact us today for more information.

Where to Get Ashford Formula in Saudi Arabia?

West Asia Network DMCC is the exclusive distributor of Ashford Formula in Saudi Arabia. Being a reputed and exclusive partner, we have clients across the Middle East and provide genuine Ashford Formula products in Saudi Arabia and across Middle East countries with the best prices.

The Ashford Formula has a reputation around the globe with its market demand continuously increasing for Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia country. It is the most widely used, specified and used liquid concrete densifier, sealer and hardener in the world. Over 3,500,000,000 sq. ft. + treated concrete and countless treated floors in service attest to the Ashford Formula’s supremacy. It has set a standard which no other concrete densification manufacturer has come close to matching this unequalled performance.

Ashford Formula has shown proven results for more than 70 years. So, if you are looking for something that completely transforms your old concrete floors, you are at the right place! Get in touch with us today for Ashford Formula Saudi Arabia.

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