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Ashford Formula United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Ashford Formula is a chemically reactive concrete sealant, densifier and hardener, that penetrates the concrete surface and densifies into one solid mass. It makes the concrete surface abrasion-resistant, dustproof & resistant to water, oil & other chemicals making it easy to clean & maintain. It is non-toxic, inorganic, colourless, VOC free, and odourless. So, get the long-term results of the Ashford formula in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with West Asia Network DMCC.

Basic Use of Ashford Formula

Ashford Formula is a transparent, water-based sealer that penetrates into the concrete surface forming a chemical reaction that locks the pores from within, providing a deep, permanent seal on the concrete surface. The chemical reaction makes the concrete surface easy to clean, free of dust and resistant to abrasion. In addition it reduces tire marks and produces a permanent sheen on the surface. It is a value engineering alternative to floor coatings & membranes.

Densification, Hardening, and Dustproofing

Ashford Formula solidifies the component parts of the concrete into one solid mass, increasing the density, toughness, hardness and substantially increasing the abrasion resistance and durability of the concrete surface. Smooth steel-trowelled surfaces develop a marble-like finish and sheen.
Ashford Formula chemically reacts with the salts in the concrete, permanently eliminating the release of concrete dust through the surface pores.

Benefits of Ashford Formula

The benefits of the Ashford formula are manifold and come at a fraction of a cost of epoxy or PU coatings. Following are a few notable gains of the Ashford formula:

  • Easy to clean & maintain concrete surface
  • Single application creates a permanent seal
  • Low life cycle costs, does not require re-application
  • Effective curing agent when applied immediately after the finishing operation
  • Hardens and strengthens within the concrete mass, protecting against deterioration and producing a floor that is resistant to traffic
  • Treated surface resists dust, oils, greases and other surface contaminants, such as tire marks

Application of the Ashford Formula

Ashford Formula is easy to apply and single application of Ashford Formula produces lifelong results. Various applications of Ashford Formula include:

  • Car Parks
  • Back of House areas, Machine Rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Aviation Hangars
  • Manufacturing / Industrial Plants
  • Food processing and Distribution Buildings
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • or other types of facilities with large exposed concrete surfaces

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