Casa de Cadillac

Automotive/Retail | Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

“Cleaning the floor areas in our Service Department is no problem as they have been treated with Ashford Formula. Any oil or grease dropped on the floor is merely wiped off with a cloth as there is no penetration below the surface of the concrete. The Ashford Formula was applied when our building was finished in March 1949 and we still use only a mild soap on this to keep it clean. This Service Department has the easiest-to-maintain floor I have ever seen because of the Ashford Formula.” Read More..

William Hinman
General Service Manager

Coca Cola Bottling Company of New York

Manufacturing/Distribution | Long Island, NY, USA

“I am extremely happy with the results of the Ashford Formula installations. After several years of service at our Smithtown, Long Island facility, the floor has continued to shine and remains dust-free and easily maintainable. Comments from viewers have been very positive, and the personnel at Coke are both impressed and satisfied.” Read More..

Jim Cicalo
Project Manager

Coors / M&M Distributing

Beverage/Warehouse/Distribution | Salt Lake City, UT, USA

“When we built our new warehouse facility we had our concrete floors treated with Ashford Formula to dustproof, seal, and harden them. Our primary concern at the time, however, was to make them as abrasion resistant as possible. We have found over the last three years that there has been absolutely no deterioration of the floor. The sliding of the (forklift) blade across the floor has had no detrimental effect on the surface. Our problem now is that periodically we have to have the underside of the forklift blade renewed as the tungsten steel blade wears away instead of the floor.” Read More..

Tony Perri
Operations Manager

Clipper Belt Lace

Manufacturing | Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kent

“During the design and construction of our new manufacturing facility, we were very conscious of high quality construction standards as well as appearance and aesthetics, as we felt they reflected the quality of our Organization and our products. When we were approached about using Ashford formula on our new floors, we were hesitant as we had no previous experience with it and didn't, know if It would meet our requirements. However, we did want a sealed and de-terioration resistant floor which the Ashford formula claimed to be able to provide without an ongoing, surface retreating program. When the floors were poured, we had Ashford formula applied to cure, seal, and harden them. After being in use approximately a year, the floors have developed a pleasant sheen on an easily cleanable surface which lends itself to our Manufacturing areas. Our maintenance program is limited to pushing a soft-bristled broom or mopping the floors when spills occur. Cleaning is made much easier because of the hard surface which resists penetration of contaminates. ” Read More..

Robert.J. Nordyke
Vice President Manufacturing

Florissant, Missouri

Motorcycle/Automobile | Florissant, Missouri, USA

After I started using the Ashford Formula, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the performance of our concrete roadways. The concrete began to demonstrate greater resistance to traffic and temperature extremes. I no longer observed the spalling, flaking, and erosion that I saw before. I continue to use the Ashford Formula, and I am still impressed with the results. I have expanded its use to other kinds of applications, including concrete sidewalks, ramps, curbs, and gutters. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering it's use on heavy-traffic exterior concrete. It has certainly served us well in the City of Florissant.” Read More..

Louis B. Jearls, Jr, P.E.
Director of Public Works
City of Florissant

General Dynamics Convair Division

Aviation/Manufacturing | San Diego, CA, USA

“We have found that Ashford Formula is permanent and have never had to reseal any treated floor. We have also found that there is no dusting, rutting, or pitting of the concrete. This is remarkable, considering the weight of the enormous pieces of equipment used in this plant. As a new piece of equipment is introduced into the production line, it is necessary to move many of the existing pieces of equipment. This movement necessitates the cutting of the floors in some areas for the installation of new pipes and equipment connecting cables. It is noted by those doing the installation work that it takes considerably longer, and is more difficult to cut through the Ashford Formula treated concrete than ordinary concrete, due to Ashford Formula’s hardening qualities.” Read More..

Robert C.Tilton
Senior Buyer

Honda of America Mfg, Inc.

Motorcycle/Automobile | Marysville, Ohio, USA

“As you will remember we began our addition at our Anna, Ohio facility in 1987, Ashford Formula was eventually applied on 1.2 million square feet of floor surface which included both standard concrete finishes and metallic hardened surfaces. These floors have held up well under our traffic and the surface has maintained its gloss. We have found that Ashford works especially well when used with metallic hardened floors. I am currently involved with another addition where I've specified the metallic hardener and Ashford to be used on the entire floor. ” Read More..

Lou Perry
Honda of America
Anna Ohio Facility

Kendall Distribution Services

Distribution | Atlanta, GA, USA

“We applied your Ashford Formula to the floor of our newly constructed and leased 227,000 square-foot building. Our primary purpose in using the Ashford Formula was to dustproof, seal, and harden the floor so as to make it as maintenance-free as possible. It is now almost two years later, and we have accomplished our purpose. The floor is virtually dust free, has developed a sheen that almost sparkles and is indeed maintenance-free. To have used poly-type sealers would have no doubt required at least two additional applications and further applications in the future. I congratulate you on a great product.” Read More..

Regional Distribution/Traffic Manager

Livingston Health Care

Medical | USA

“Just a note to thank you and your organization for the clean, polished appearance of our facility floor. After two years, and no additional maintenance we continue to get positive comments in regards to the Ashford Formula. The longer the product is down and cleaned (scrubbed daily), the more polished and clean-looking the appearance. In many cases we have promoted the Ashford Formula along with your organization’s name to associates. Once again, thank you.”

Kevin Gillies
Branch Manager

Pennzoil Company

Manufacturing | Houston, TX, USA

“I am convinced that the Ashford Formula is the only way to go, and I don’t hesitate to give the formula an unqualified recommendation. We have some areas in the hangar that are not Ashford treated, but have a conventional concrete sealer finish. I intend to strip these surfaces and treat them with the Ashford Formula as soon as practical, primarily to reduce the slickness, but also to reduce the maintenance time that these surfaces require. In closing, I’d like to say that I was quite skeptical, at first, regarding the claims made for your product. I am totally convinced that it is, by far, the best possible treatment to use for any concrete floor.”

J. Keith McCoy
Chief of Maintenance

The J.M. Smucker Company

Food/Manufacturing/Distribution | Salinas, CA, USA

“The Ashford Formula has proven to be an exceptionally outstanding product in all aspects of its claims and has definitely been one of the elements which has contributed to the high quality of our floor slab, which displays virtually no signs of any undesirable cracking. My compliments to the Curecrete Chemical Company for producing a product that actually works as intended.” Read More..

Clive Riddiford
Director, Corporate Engineering