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Cure Seal Hardener

Cure seal hardener by Ashford Formula is one of the first products of its kind to protect and seal concrete floors through the process of chemical densification. And even today, no other product in the market could compete with the results shown by Ashford Formula- Cure Seal Hardener.

West Asia Network is an exclusive distributor of the cure seal hardener by Ashford Formula. The benefits of the cure seal hardener are manifold and the price point is only a fraction of epoxy or PU coatings. The formula penetrates deep into the concrete and locks the pores from within, creating a hard, permanent seal on the floor. In addition, it leaves behind a permanent shine to your floor, resists dirt, oil and greases along with other surface contaminants.

Protect your Concrete Floor with Ashford Formula Cure Seal Hardener

The task of maintenance and repair of concrete floors can be a tough, time investing and exorbitant task. A simple coat of application of the Ashford Formula can help prevent and preserve the durability, hardness and serve as a far superior alternative of the expensive epoxy or PU coatings. It penetrates into the surface of concrete floors and reacts chemically with it to produce a denser, harder and more stable surface than ever before.

We take pride in the phenomenal results shown by Ashford Formula cure seal hardener. If you are looking for the product solution, get in touch with us today!

Know What Results Can You Expect From Ashford Formula Cure Seal Hardener

Ashford Formula Cure Seal Hardener is a colorless, transparent, odorless, non toxic, and non inflammable liquid that contains no solvent or volatile organic compounds. The application of Ashford Formula Cure Seal Hardener requires just 2-3 hours. The chemical process results of Cure Seal Hardener will be visible within three months on your concrete floors, giving it a transformed look. Ashford Formula cure seal hardener is a one time application product, with low life cycle cost and ever-lastng remarkable results for your concrete floors.

Unlike other cure seal hardeners, coating and membranes, the Ashford Formula Cure Seal Hardener does not form a top coating layer over your concrete floor but will penetrate inside the concrete floor to chemically react and produce the desired results.

So, what else can be better than a cure seal hardener that gives you proven results in little time, causing no obstruction and no loss in the activities or business taking place on your concrete floor? This cure seal hardener comes with a 20 year warranty offered by Curecrete Inc. which is by far the longest warranty period being offered in the industry. Our customers speak volumes about the product!

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