How to pick the right concrete cleaner?

The Right Cleaner requires 3 important myths around concrete cleaning to be clarified.
When it comes to concrete cleaning, there are three myths that are as harmful to your floor as dirt and debris.

 Ashford Formula Application Process

MYTH 1: Concrete Floors are Maintenance Free

Concrete floors are durable, yes, but they are not immune to wearing. They require regular maintenance with the right cleaner. Using the wrong cleaner can literally attack and dull the desired appearance of your concrete floor. Concrete floors are not maintenance-free. Instead, they are low-maintenance.

MYTH 2: Cleaning with Water is Good Enough

Using water only to clean concrete does little more than spread the contaminants around. The majority of the dirt, soil, grease and grime remain on the floor to continue degrading it.

MYTH 3: Neutral pH Cleaners are Safe for Cleaning Concrete

Simply because a cleaner has a neutral pH does not mean it is necessarily safe for your floor. Many contain citric, caustic or acidic components that will do your floor more harm than good. An overly acidic or basic cleaner will etch concrete. So what is the proper pH level for a cleaner? It is in the 9-10 range, which is similar to cured/aged concrete.

 Ashford Formula Application Process

Step #4: Drying

CreteClean Plus comes with Polar Micelle Technology that applies the “Lift and Hold” technique. CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard™ utilizes Polar Micelle Technology. Soap molecules penetrate the floor surface and emulsify oil and dirt into smaller particles. The soap molecules then completely surround the oil or dirt molecule, creating a micelle. The micelle attaches itself to water molecules and is held in suspension, then carried away in the rinse water. CreteClean along with Retroplate & Ashford Formula- cure, hardener, dustproofing


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