Independent Scientific Evidence Proves Curing with the Ashford Formula is Beneficial

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. has long espoused the benefits of using the Ashford Formula as a curing agent. With 1.2 billion square feet (111.5 million square meters) cured with the Ashford Formula over the last 60 years, the results speak for themselves. We are pleased to introduce scientific evidence of the benefits of the Ashford Formula.
A 4000 psi (27MPa) slab was placed and finished with a smooth power-troweled surface. The curing methods used were; the Ashford Formula applied immediately after placement, a 7-day moist cure (water added to the surface, then covered with plastic), and an ASTM approved C-309 acrylic curing compound.

The petrographic analysis can be summarized as follows:
1. The Ashford Formula cured cores showed the lowest rate of absorption. It had the shallowest and most narrow microcracking. It also evidenced the lowest number of RRGC (relic & residual cement grains) or un-hydrated cement
2.The water-cured cores showed the highest rate of absorption. It exhibited the greatest degree of micro-cracking.
3. The C309 cores showed the lowest frequency of microcracking, but the micro-cracks were wider and deeper than the Ashford Formula cured concrete.

If you would like further information regarding the use of the Ashford Formula as a curing agent, please contact your local representative, distributor or Dave Hoyt, Director of Technical Service at Curecrete Distribution, Inc.

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