The Simplest and Easiest Answer Is: Anytime You Want!

One question that is frequently asked about the application of the Ashford Formula is: at what time during the project do I, can I or should I, apply the Ashford Formula? The simplest and easiest answer is - anytime you want. All that is required is a concrete surface free of anything that would inhibit penetration of the Ashford Formula. A more complete answer would be at whatever time the project architect or engineer feels would be the most appropriate time as they consider construction timing for the project.

During the course of construction there are four typical times to apply the Ashford Formula. The first is using the Ashford Formula as a stand alone curing agent. While the Ashford Formula does not meet the criteria for water retention properties as stated in ASTM C309, it does enhance the durability of the slab which is why we cure concrete in the first place. This method has been used on millions of square feet of concrete around the world.

A second method is to apply the Ashford Formula right after final finishing. Instead of using the product as a stand alone cure, it can be used in conjunction with other types of cures. After the final flush and squeegee step, apply either a curing membrane or use a moist cure of some variety.

The third method is at the end of the wet cure, after typically seven days, remove the curing blankets, clean the slab of any slats that may have accumulated, and then apply the Ashford Formula. A subtle variation of this is to remove the blanketsand let some of the excess moisture dry off before the densifier/hardener application.

The last method is to wait until all the slabs are poured, thoroughly clean them from any curing compound or construction material and apply the Ashford to the entire building at once. This saves the applicator form multiple mobilizations.

Each method or time of application has minor pros and cons. However, the one thing that is not comprised is the performance of the floor after the application of the Ashford Formula. When applied to properly designed, mixed, placed and finished concrete, the Ashford will densify, harden, seal and dustproof the concrete, making the surface more durable for the life of the concrete.

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