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Cure Seal Densifier

Ashford Formula is the original cure seal densifier developed in 1949 and was the first product of its kind that chemically reacts with concrete floors to make it permanently denser, harder, and abrasion-resistant. Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier is a transparent chemically reactive liquid that penetrates into the concrete floors and solidifies the surface components in a solid mass.

It is a colourless liquid that is inorganic, non-toxic, VOC free, odorless and transparent. It requires just one application to transform concrete floors completely. The results of the application last the entire life of the concrete floor, making it the first choice for a cure seal densifier..

Maintaining Concrete Floors Is Now Easier With Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier

Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier cures and densifies your concrete floor, making it abrasion resistant and dustproof. It makes the concrete floor easy to maintain and develops a permanent sheen within a short span of time.

Unlike other cure seal densifiers, Ashford Formula application process is quick. The entire process of application of Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier merely takes 2-3 hours. The chemical densification process of the Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier approximately takes upto three months . You must note that for freshly finished concrete surfaces wherein forms are recently removed, breaking compound and form oil residue must be cleaned so as to not let obstruction in Ashford Formula penetration into the surface.

Also, unlike other cure seal densifiers, the Ashford Formula does not form firms, membranes, or a top coating on the floor but rather penetrates inside the concrete surface to chemically react with it giving the desired results.

Know What Makes Ashford Formula The Best Cure Seal Densifier For Your Concrete Floors

Ashford Formula is known to be the best cure seal densifier. Its unique chemical composition is highly superior and produces a permanently dense, hard, abrasion resistant and dustproof concrete surfaces by penetrating into the concrete floor and chemically reacting with it.

It is worth taking pride in the results shown by Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier for more than 70 years. Also, it holds a commendable record of reviews and ratings from customers who have not only been satisfied with the results shown by Ashford Formula Cure Seal Densifier but also, admitted that it exceeded their expectations from a Cure Seal Densifier.

Ashford Formula has a versatile application on different floorings. It is not only applicable to freshly finished concrete but also can be well applied to existing concretes, exterior concrete, tilt walls and vertical surfaces.

If you are in search of the cure seal densifier that has long lasting properties and will have a permanent effect with an ease of application, Ashford Formula is the best choice for you. For more information, get in touch below.

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