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Ashford Formula Dubai

Are you tired of investing heavy amounts on cleaning, routine maintenance and refurbishing your concrete floor coatings on a regular basis? Are you spending a huge amount on the upkeep of your concrete surface and still not getting desired the performance?
Well, no worries. Here we are to your rescue! We, at West Asia Network DMCC, bring to you a simple, permanent & one time application solution for your concrete floors. Our exclusive product Ashford Formula Dubai is all that you need for protecting your concrete floor from wearing away due to abrasion and movement of cars, forklifts etc. Ashford Formula Dubai seals, densifies, strengthens and makes your floors easy to clean & maintain.
For old concrete floors it will prevent further deterioration of the surface. Ashford Formula Dubai is a phenomenal product, developed in 1949, it kickstarted the concrete densification industry and was designed to harden, seal and densify concrete floors. It has been recognised as the best concrete floor densifier with a proven track record of over 70 years and enduring results.

How Ashford Formula Dubai Actually Works!

Ashford Formula Dubai is a one-time application concrete densifier that lasts for a lifetime. It densifies, protects joints, strengthens and gives concrete floors a complete finished look. It makes the concrete surface abrasion resistant, dust proof and easy to maintain. With time and traffic, Ashford Formula floors develop a beautiful, marble-like sheen look. The older the floor gets, the better it performs.

Know What Makes Ashford Formula Dubai The Best Concrete Floor Densifier!

Ashford Formula Dubai has not only set the benchmark but has also originated the proprietary densification technology in the market. It has become a global champion in this business with years of experience and expertise. It is also the most widely used concrete floor densifier. Even today, no other concrete floor densifier available in the market could match or even get close to the results shown by Ashford Formula Dubai.
With a commendable record, Ashford Formula Dubai has earned a reputation as a world leader for concrete densification. Also, we offer the longest time warranty in this industry with the most promising results.
So, if you too are looking for something that can truly transform your concrete floors in to a hard, abrasion resistant, dustproof surface that is easy to clean and maintain and will last a liftime , then Ashford Formula Dubai is your perfect solution. Contact us today!

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