An effective maintenance program that includes routine scrubbing with soft to medium maintenance pads, ample down pressure and proper amounts of water and detergent will enhance the floor’s performance significantly


  • Scrub Floor Often: Minimum routine cleaning 2-3 times per week with CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard provides superior results.
  • Clean Spills Quickly: After densification is complete, concrete will resist contamination and moisture penetration of most liquids. Corrosive or aggressively staining contaminants should be removed quickly to avoid possible staining.
  • Burnish Once WEEKLY: For best results, burnish the floor with a high speed propane burnisher and hog’s hair pad following daily cleaning.


  • Automatic Scrubber
    Capable of 125 – 150 lbs. of downward pressure.
  • Soft to Medium Maintenance Pads or Nylon Brushes
  • Detergent*: CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard
    Performance enhancing detergent specifically designed to clean densified and densified-polished concrete floors. Regular use helps decrease the visibility of minor scratches and blemishes and helps maintain the concrete sheen... *If other detergents are used they should be non-acidic and void of hydroxides and sulfates.
  • Oil Emulsifier & Acrylic Stripper: CreteStrip
    Use directly on stain for spot treatment.


  • Standing liquids of any kind, including water
  • Detergents containing hydroxides or sulfates
  • Acidic or caustic cleaners; acidic detergents will etch the surface over time and dull the floor’s finish
  • All contact with any acids
  • Treated dust mops or sweeping compounds
  • Bleach or any acidic/harsh chemicals
  • Aggressive scrubbing brushes; Strata Grit, Nylo-Grit and other aggressive scrubbing brushes will alter the polished pattern and leave a dull appearance.