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Ashford Formula Oman

Ashford Formula Oman is a 70 year old proprietary densification technology. It is known to be a phenomenal product developed in 1949 as the first product of its kind, specially designed to harden and densify concrete floors.

Ashford Formula Oman is designed to add a new, attractive, advanced and finished look to your concrete floors and at the same time desifying it, strengthening it and making it more durable. It is a liquid based one time application concrete densifier, results of which you will witness for a lifetime. It works on densifying, protecting and strengthening the concrete floor giving it a complete finished look and making a newly finished concrete floor more durable. It makes the concrete floors abrasion resistant, dustproof and easy to maintain. Also, it has been recognised as the Best Concrete Floor Densifier with proven and enduring results. Even today, no other concrete floor densifier available in the market could match or even get close to the results shown by Ashford Formula Oman. And that is what makes Ashford Formula Oman- a World Leader in Concrete Densification!

Ashford Formula Oman- the most effective solution for concrete densification!

Ashford Formula is the originator of the proprietary densification technology. With years of experience and expertise, Ashford Formula Oman has set a benchmark and became the global champion in the business. To keep up the exemplary results shown by Ashford Formula Oman, we constantly strive to make our customers more than satisfied, and that is why we offer 20-year warranty for Ashford Formula Oman, your concrete floor densifier. It is the most prolonged duration of time warranty in this industry.

Ashford Formula Oman has earned the reputation of being the World Leader for Concrete Densification. We take pride in the optimum and outstanding results that Ashford Formula Oman has shown for more than 70 years. Numerous Concrete Densifiers were introduced in the market in all these years, but none could match or even get close to the results shown by Ashford Formula Oman!

Ashford Formula Oman- World Leader in Concrete Densification!

Application of Ashford Formula Oman on a newly made concrete floor densifies, increases the strength and durability of the concrete floor and gives it a complete finished look. Ashford Formula floors do not require you to spend heavy amounts on renovations or replacement of concrete floors. Renovating or replacing concrete floors entirely can be an expensive as well as a time-consuming task causing an interruption in the usage of your concrete floor. Such interruption in the use of concrete floors in workplaces can also lead to heavy losses, whereas at home, it may cause severe discomfort. Ashford Formula Oman provides you with the perfect rescue from the entire time taking, expensive and strenuous process of cleaning, maintaining renovating or replacing of concrete floors! It strengthens, densifies and hardens your concrete floors and at the same time gives it a new, attractive and advanced look. Merely one time application of Ashford Formula Oman shows phenomenal and immediate results. Also, with time and traffic, Ashford Formula floors develop a beautiful, marble-like sheen look.

So, if you are also looking for something that can rescue you from the time taking and expensive task of replacing or renovating concrete floors, then you are at the right place! Get in touch with us today!

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