"> Ashford Formula Sharjah- Perfect solution for concrete floor

Ashford Formula Sharjah

With time and traffic, a bare concrete floor will erode, wear away and will deteriorate. Over a period of time the concrete surface will look dirty with visible stains etc. To repair or replace such concrete floor entirely can be an expensive as well as a time-consuming task, disrupting the ongoing operations.
Ever wondered if there was a technology that could actually strengthen, densify, dustproof and harden a concrete floor so that it will never deteriorate and will be easy to clean and maintain, thus saving you future refurbishment costs and downtime?
Yes, we have made all this possible with Ashford Formula Sharjah.
We, at West Asia Network DMCC bring you a perfect solution, Ashford Formula Sharjah that is designed to densify, dustproof, seal, protect and strengthen your concrete floor for a lifetime of dependable performance.

Ashford Formula Sharjah- A Perfect Solution For Concrete Floor!

Ashford Formula Sharjah is a colourless, transparent liquid that penetrates concrete surfaces and protects, preserves and strengthens your concrete floor.
Use of Ashford Formula Sharjah makes the concrete floor easy to clean, free of dust, resistant to abrasion, seals the surface, reduces tire marks, produces a permanent sheen and protects the floor from oil or grease stains. It makes it abrasion resistant, dust proof and easy to maintain. Also, with time and traffic, Ashford Formula floors develop an attractive marble-like sheen.

What Makes Ashford Formula Sharjah Different From Other Concrete Floor Densifiers!

Unlike other concrete floor densifiers, Ashford Formula Sharjah is a one-time application process that shows spectacular results. Application of Ashford Formula will not change the profile of the concrete surface and as it becomes part of the concrete, it will never scratch, peel away or wear with time.
West Asia Network DMCC is proud to bring the original concrete Densification & Sealing Technology - Ashford Formula Sharjah which was discovered more than 70 years ago with a track record of floors that are 70 years old and still performing. Till date no other manufacturer has been able to match the match the performance of floors treated with Ashford Formula and hence this is the most specified sealer in the concrete industry for over seven decades, thus making Ashford Formula a world leader in the concrete densification industry.
So, why spend heavy amounts on repair and replacement of your concrete floor when with Ashford Formula Sharjah, it is so convenient to densify, seal, harden and strengthen the concrete surface with one time permanent application.

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